This Is What Happens To Carlos After Descendants 3
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 Published On Apr 06, 2019

Find Out What Will Happened To Carlos After Descendants 3
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We’ve been chillin like villains while we wait for “Descendants 3” to be released! We have rewatched the Disney Channel original movies and have watched tons of fan videos. And we can’t wait to see all our favorite VKs back in action this summer! Carlos is one of the core four VKs who gets sent to Auradon Prep in the first movie. He’s a lot nicer than the rest of his gang and always has been. But he’s shy, lacks confidence, and is terrified of dogs. He changes a lot as a character in the first two movies. He befriends Dude, the school dog. And in the second movie, he starts dating Jane!

But it won’t be long before the “Descendants” franchise is over. Are you wondering what will happen to Carlos after the final movie? Will he and Jane stay together? What will he do with his life? Find out all of that and more in this video from TheThings! For more videos like this, hit that subscribe button!

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