What The Next Generation Of Descendants 3 Characters Will Look Like
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 Published On Nov 16, 2019

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Every generation of VKs deserves a shot at the spotlight, which is why we're not done with the "Descendants" franchise just yet. Mal and Ben have barely begun their journey, and the same goes for the other VKs and AKs. With the barrier down for good, life in Auradon is going to change, and unlikely couples are bound to form. So we can expect our favorite "Descendants" characters to one day settle down and have families of their own. In this video from TheThings, we'll reveal what the kids of our favorite characters are going to look like.

Will Audrey settle down with Chad Charming or Harry Hook? Will her kids have blonde hair or black hair? And what about Evie and Doug's kids? Which side of the family will they take over? Tune in to find out. Once you're done watching, subscribe to TheThings so you never miss another video.

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