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 Published On Jun 03, 2019

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Bill figured it was about time he got around to finishing the Elder Scroll prop he made 6 years ago, but simple paint just wouldn't do! Take a look as Bill shows you how to use gold leaf to carefully take a prop from ordinary to extraordinary!


Volpin Props Elder Scroll

How to Use Gold Leaf in your Artwork - Skillshare

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"Hidden Cam" by Young Rich Pixies
"Jump into My Car" by Mike Kirin
"I Love Us" by Katrina Stone
"Rising Sun" by Frank Schlimbach
"Bring Home The Beats" by Jake Bradford-Sharp

Tools & Materials:

Guilding Adhesive - Amazon

Gold Leaf - Amazon

Grease & Wax Remover - Amazon

Rubber Gloves - Amazon

Brushes - Amazon

Plastic Tweezers - Amazon

Blue Shop Towels - Amazon

Purple Airbush Paint - Amazon

Gloss Varnish - Amazon

Linen Fabric - Local craft/fabric store

Fabric Marker - Amazon

Spray bottle - local hardware store

Acrylic paint - local craft store

Fray Check - Amazon

Craft Saw - Amazon

Duct Tape - Local hardware store

Super Glue - Amazon

Craft Gems - Amazon

Water mixable oil paints - Amazon

Optional Tools:

Cotton Gloves - Amazon

123 Block - Amazon

Sorting Tray - Amazon

Silicone Sculpting Tool - Amazon

Rotary Cutter - Amazon

Retractable Blinds - Local Hardware Store

Super Glue Accelerant - Amazon

Staple Gun - Amazon

Plastic Scrap

Band Saw - Amazon

Drill Press - Amazon

5-minute Epoxy - Amazon

Plumber's Epoxy Putty - Amazon

Isopropyl Alcohol - Amazon

Tamiya Gold Leaf - Amazon

Gold Paint Pen - Amazon

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