What is Libra? Facebook Coin Explained Simply
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 Published On Nov 04, 2019

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Libra is a centralized, global, stable cryptocurrency project set to launch in 2020, headed by Facebook and a consortium of major companies around the world.

Libra’s value is maintained by a reserve of liquid stable asset that back each coin created. Libra is set to become completely decentralized 5 years after it launches.

That’s Libra in a nutshell. For a more detailed explanation watch the complete video. Here’s what I’ll cover:

0:39 - Libra in a nutshell
1:27 - Calibra wallet
1:59 - Libra's management
4:05 - How the Libra association works
5:31 - The Libra reserve explained
7:13 - The Libra investment token
8:21 - Libra criticism
13:39 - Conclusion

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