Sami Yusuf | O Lovers: Music from the Unseen World (Full Album)
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 Published On Sep 28, 2020

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Sami Yusuf’s ‘O Lovers: Music of the Unseen World’ is a skillfully curated compilation album of his works that flow from the heart of Sufi music. This collection of 15 pieces — each one a mystical love song — reverberates with the rich legacy of a thousand years of poetry and music. Reimagined for a contemporary audience, ‘O Lovers’ resonates with the artistic genius of lands from Andalusia, North Africa, Turkey, Kurdistan, Persia, and beyond. Lyrics include poems by Jalal ad-Din Balkhi (Rumi), Amir Khusro, Bulleh Shah, and Ibn ‘Arabi. With songs featuring legendary singers Abida Parveen and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and master musicians from around the world, ‘O Lovers’ is a powerful tribute to a vibrant living tradition.

O Lovers - Music of the Unseen World:

Ilahana (Live) (00:00)
I Only Knew Love (05:18)
Hamziyya (Live) (11:21)
Taha (Live) (16:59)
Ya Rasul Allah, Pt. 2 (22:16)
Ya Nabi (24:59)
Mast Qalandar (feat. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) (29:17)
Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum (feat. Abida Parveen) (33:38)
Lovers (38:57)
Fiyyashiyya (44:08)
Mahur Instrumental (Live) (49:07)
Lament (52:04)
Mawlana (Live) (55:57)
Awake (01:00:10)
Barakah (01:03:30)

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