The Best Apple Watch Apps You've Been Missing Out On
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 Published On Apr 18, 2019

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The Apple Watch makes a great health and fitness device, of course, but there are some great productivity and content focused apps out there as well that can make you re-think what this device can do!

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Best APPLE WATCH accessories:

Previously mentioned apps I mentioned again: Nano, Drafts, Cheat Sheet, Hindsight, Numerics and Just Press Record. New apps I mentioned today: Bear, Shift, HomeRun, Audible, Jay, Rep Up, Pocket Casts.

Time Stamps:
0:20 - How I use the Apple Watch daily
1:53 - The state of Apple Watch apps and where to find unique apps
2:53 - A quick rundown of the best Watch apps I've mentioned previously on the channel
3:56 - My latest recommendations starting with Bear Notes
5:58 - Shift (full keyboard for Apple Watch)
7:29 - HomeRun for HomeKit (smart home control)
8:56 - Audible (audiobooks)
10:06 - Jay (Twitter app THAT PLAYS VIDEO WITH SOUND!)
11:37 - Rep Up (the ONE fitness app I included)
12:44 - Pocket Casts (my favorite podcast app)
15:17 - Answering your questions (AMA)

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