What's the Best Used MINI to Buy
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 Published On Jan 08, 2018

What's the Best Used MINI to Buy.
I will be explaining the pros and cons of the three generations of MINI's and which one is the most reliable in my opinion.
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- I highly recommend having the vehicle inspected "Pre-Purchase Inspection" by a MINI specialist , either a dealership or independent shop before purchasing. Not only could it save you a ton of money and future heartache but it can give you extra leverage in negotiating purchasing price.
-Once you do purchase your MINI ( congratulations by the way) it is paramount you check or have your engine oil level checked every other week, as the engines naturally consume oil and there is no oil level sensor to tell you when you are low on the first and second generations. You can use the dipstick to check.
-Recommend having the transmission serviced ( fluid, filter and computer reset if applicable) every 80k miles or less by a specialist. This will help maintain the life of the transmission. If it has super high mileage I would just leave it alone and hope for the best. Doing a service may just upset it and cause issues.

And for all the motorheads out there her are the engine & body designations by year.
The following are the engine codes for all current MINI Cooper’s (Not Classics)

First Generation MINIs

2002-2006 R50 Cooper = W10 (W10B16) 1.6 Non Supercharged

2002-2006 R53 Cooper S = W11 (W11B16) 1.6 Supercharged

NOTE: 1st gen convertibles were made at the same time the 2nd gen Coupe was. Lots of people get confused when they have a 2007 or 2008 convertible and think its a 2nd gen.

2005-2008 R52 Cooper Convertible = W10 (W10B16) 1.6 Non Supercharged

2005-2008 R52 Cooper S Convertible = W11 (W11B16) 1.6 Supercharged

Second generation MINIs

NOTE: 2nd gen Convertible was released in 2009 in Cooper and Cooper S trim.

2007-2010 R56 and R57 Cooper = N12 (N12B16) Non Turbo

2007-2010 R56S and R57S Cooper S = N14 (N14B16) Turbo

2008-2010 R55 Clubman = N12 (N12B16) Non Turbo

2008-2010 R55S Clubman S = N14 (N14B16) Turbo

Engine change for 2011

2011 + R56 and R57 Cooper = N16 (N16B16) Non Turbo

2011 + R56S and R57S Cooper S = N18 (N18B16) Turbo

2011 + R55 Clubman = N16 (N16B16) Non Turbo

2011 + R55S Clubman S = N18 (N18B16) Turbo

2011 + R60 Countryman = N16 (N16B16) Non Turbo

2011 + R60S Countryman S = N18 (N18B16) Turbo

2011 + R60S Countryman S ALL4 = N18 (N18B16) Turbo

Source – Post by Professor on the Bluegrass MINIs site

Third Generation MINIs

The engines now have a B code and are modular in design. B37 and B38 are 3 cylinder, B48 is 4 cylinder.

2014 Cooper – B38A15A (1.5L 3-cylinder) – 134HP

2014 Cooper S – B48A20A (2.0L 4-cylinder) – 187HP

JCW - B48A20B - (2.0L 4-cylinder)

Cooper D – B37 – 114HP
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Written by: Nathan, Aug 29, 2012, MINI Cooper Engine Codes,

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