New Audi RS6! The Most Overrated Car in the World?
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 Published On Dec 15, 2020

The 592 BHP #Supercar Estate! 25 Years of Audi Sport all leads to this, the modern Quattro icon. It’s the one car even non-car guys know, and its also finally available in the USA!

Today we check out the history, underpinnings of the new car, sound of the #RS6 and then go for the full drive where some questions must be answered: While Undoubtedly the best looking estate in the world, can it stack up to the brutal rivals from AMG and M, or even threat from it’s own little brother RS4?!

The icon of #Audi Sport, it naturally has history that goes back to the first RS named car, which was the Audi 80 RS2. A Porsche tuned car using Audi’s most powerful 5 cylinder engine to produce more power, sports suspension, braking systems, wheels and tyres - it was a car that was tested as doing 0-30 MPH at 1.5 seconds, which was faster than the McLaren F1!

So the legend of RS and the fast Audi Estate began, carrying through to today’s car. We will take a brief look at each one leading to today’s C8, from the first RS6 C5 with cosworth V8, C6 Lambo V10 and C7 predecessor returning to the V8 roots.

As for today’s car, the design is a huge factor. Igorning the front doors, the roof and the luggage compartment cover, all body parts are RS6 specific. The wheel arches, the best part, are flared by 1.6 inches!! It also gets A7 Lights! Exclusively within the A6 family.

Performance is big: 592BHP, 800NM and 0-60 3.6 seconds via the TFSI V8 Turbo. It has larger twin scrolls with greater boost pressure giving 40 more BHP than before. All going to a Permanent Quattro all wheel drive with a 40-60 standard split, which can go up to 70-30 or 15-85. It’s also complimented by a Mild hybrid 48v system.

Though, I’m more interested how it fares VS Rivals. It’s heavier by 80KG and slower, and down on power. Undoubtedly the best looking, but can it keep up in other areas? Today we explore:

- History of the RS6 and Audi Sport
- Audi RS2 built with Porsche
- RS6 C5
- RS6 C6
- RS6 C7
- New RS 6 C8
- RS6 Performance and Engine
- Exterior design
- Normal A6 vs RS6 body
- Chassis and RS Suspension - Air or RS sport suspension plus, Rear axle steering
- 48v system
- RS6 VS E63S estate
- RS6 Interior and MMI system
- Exhaust sound
- Full performance review
- Engine sound
- Conclusion

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