SUV Battle 2020: Tesla Model X, Mercedes G63 & GLE, BMW X5, Volkswagen Touareg, Toyota FJ Cruiser
SUV Battle SUV Battle
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 Published On Nov 03, 2020

Audi Q8, BMW X5/X6, Mercedes GLE, Volvo XC90 и Range Rover from previous video:

The GLE was here before and passed the obstacle by switching off the ESP. And in this video we will see if the Mercedes can smoothly conquer the hill in off-road mode in accompanied by Tesla Model X, Mercedes G63, BMW X5, Volkswagen Touareg, Toyota FJ Cruiser & Nissan Murano.

Which one’s AWD system is better in this SUV Battle?

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Toyota RAV4 vs. rivals announcing
00:58 Similar tires about

01:29 Nissan Murano 2019
02:59 Volkswagen Touareg 2019
04:56 Volkswagen Touareg in Off-Road Mode
05:54 Mercedes ML 350 W166 2013
07:40 Mercedes ML 350 in Off-Road Mode
08:38 Mercedes GLE 450 2019
09:10 Mercedes GLE 450 in Off-Road Mode
10:36 BMW X5 2014
12:00 Tesla Model X P90D 2016
14:25 Tesla Model X Second Run with Different Settings
15:51 Mercedes G63 2017
17:16 Mercedes G63 with Low Range, C/D & R/D Lock
18:13 Toyota FJ Cruiser 2008

19:24 Conclusion

I hope this video will help you to choose your next car and such a big work wasn’t done in vain. I wish you a pleasant viewing!

Write in the comments: who is your favorite in this video?

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