My PCOS Story | Hormones, Acne, Birth Control, Blood Test Results
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 Published On Nov 20, 2019

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PS. just wanted to make a note that I don't think the pill is bad for everyone or that you shouldn't take it. Theres always a chance of side effects and so far it hasn't worked well for me. :)

Time Stamps:
0:59 backstory on my period/hormones
1:39 my symptoms
3:27 first doctors visit
4:31 my experience with the birth control pill
5:41 first naturopath visit
7:73 recent health issues
8:18 my blood test results
8:54 the next step
9:08 how to get diagnosed with PCOS
11:23 my plan moving forward

Supplements I Take :
I buy most of mine off Iherb -
Save on your first order with this code - RRG565
Opti-Women (multivitamin)
Once Daily Womens Probiotic
Adernal Cortex
Evening Primrose
Rhodiola (have not tried this brand - couldn't find the one I have)

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