Things Only Adults Notice In Onward
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 Published On Mar 06, 2020

Pixar has spent years making films that are enjoyable to kids and adults alike. From Toy Story to Coco, the studio has become a favorite of moviegoers of all ages. Onward is no exception to the rule, building a magical kid-friendly adventure in between some pretty adult topics and jokes.

Onward follows Ian and Barley Lightfoot as they try to bring back their dad from the dead for a single day in order to get to know him. Unfortunately, Ian only brings back the bottom half of their dad, leading to a quest to find a magic gem that can bring back his upper half before he completely fades away at sundown. As the two and a half men go about their urgent quest, there's plenty of Weekend at Bernie's-esque shenanigans and magical mixups to delight the kids.

However, adults might find themselves wondering why the movie's main story is about two kids bonding with their dad's butt. As Uproxx's Mike Ryan so eloquently summarized:

"This is a movie about two kids resurrecting their dead dad's crotch and it's just the WEIRDEST thing."

While Pixar has managed to stay beloved over the years, other animation studios have stepped up their game. Disney's non-Pixar animation studio brought the world Frozen and Tangled, while DreamWorks had a massive franchise hit on its hands with How to Train Your Dragon. Still, even as other studios have begun to match Pixar's artistry, Pixar movies feel unique, with an incomparable sense of style and personality that shines through.

Until Onward, that is. The 2020 movie feels like Pixar slapped a logo over a DreamWorks film, from the character designs to the dancing sequence in the middle. In fact, "Onward looks like a DreamWorks movie" was a common refrain when the trailer first dropped. While it might not go so far as to have a dance sequence as the credits roll, that might not stop some adults from briefly forgetting which studio made Onward. Keep watching the video to see all the things only adults notice in Onward!


Half a dad | 0:16
Looks like DreamWorks | 0:53
A character's sexuality | 1:38
Trust bridge | 2:21
The Chris Pratt connection | 2:59
The '80s atmosphere | 3:43
How did the splinter stay big? | 4:26

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