Why Pixar's Toy Story 4 Looks So Different From The Original
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 Published On Jul 05, 2019

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Floating balloons. Swimming clownfish. The Land of the Dead. The world of Pixar has created all kinds of visuals ingrained in the minds of people from multiple generations. And it all began with a toy.

Toy Story was a revolutionary film in 1995, not only ushering in the era of CG animation, but launching Pixar into the stratosphere and changing the world of cinema forever. As Toy Story 4 sets even more animation landmarks - both in terms of box office and quality, it’s a great time to take a look back and showcase how much Pixar’s animation has evolved and changed over the years. Yes, it’s 2019 and we’re still enjoying another Toy Story movie 24 years after the original, but it took a lot to get here, and following the journey includes a look back at animation changes, story overhauls, and some other huge franchises Pixar has launched through the years.

It’s easy to take the original Toy Story for granted -- the movie is just one of many in Pixar’s impressive catalogue. Over the years, the movie was probably stacked among other Disney DVDs and Blu-Rays, added as a part of the digital movie library, or just a typical Saturday morning re-run on TV. When Toy Story premiered back in 1995, it literally had everything going for it. The film was a feature-length CG movie -- something no one had seen before. But not only were the effects good for the time, but the story and emotion was there as well. Woody and Buzz became household names, a sequel was announced shortly after and the whole Toy Story franchise was born with toys filling up aisles, shorts playing on ABC, and children dressing up as multiple characters.

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