Crypto in the Couch Cushions: Finding Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies [HIDDEN Goal at the End]
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 Published On Dec 23, 2020

When crypto prices go down, often we're left with "dust" or values that are so small we cannot move them to new wallets or it's just not worth our time to do so. When the prices of crypto skyrocket, those bits of dust can end up being pretty valuable. What will you find in your crypto couch cushions? Watch for ideas on where to look.

0:00 Down the Rabbit Hole Introduction
0:33 How do I gift myself a gift to myself that I receive myself?
1:08 When was the last time you went through your back up stash?
2:31 Go look for the crypto you forgot about
3:10 Hidden Goal
4:00 Don't import your cold storage into a hot wallet just to see if there's loose change

Gifting crypto is great but what if you could gift YOURSELF crypto?!?! If you've been into crypto for awhile, chances are you've got some loose sats or wei floating around. Given the recent price increases, now is a great time to go searching for it. Have you recently found some crypto? Let us know in the comments.

This video is an excerpt from the Gifting Cryptocurrencies livestream special that Andreas delivered on November 12, 2020. Watch the entire livestream here:

DON'T gift them crypto [funny video]
Can someone guess my private key?

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