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 Published On Feb 04, 2019

Hello! In this video I am talking about instagram girls who photoshop / facetune their pictures, why doing this could be problematic and why instagram made me feel insecure about myself and my body image. I am also showing you the pictures I edited myself in and I will be reacting to other people's photoshopped pictures. I will show you the truth about the fakeness of instagram.

I already made a video about this topic. But in that video I really tried hard to not offend anyone so I decided to redo it. If you're interested in watching my old one though heres the link:

Photo credits to Shannrii the girl at 0:55:

Girls mentioned (Please know that I am in no way hating on these girls)
Madison Beer
Nathalie Paris
Kristen Hancher
Anastasiya Kvitko
and many more..

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