Descendants 3: Who The Most Powerful Character Really Is
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 Published On May 12, 2019

Who The Most Powerful Character Really Is
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The characters in “Descendants 3” have some wicked-cool magical powers. To find out who the most powerful “Descendants 3” characters are, we did a breakdown of every magical power across the Isle and in all of Auradon. There’s a mindblowing new factor in play for “Descendants 3” that could totally change the game. Watch until the end to find out how this new information could turn a certain person into the most powerful being in all of Auradon.

We’re going to discuss Evie’s magic mirror, Uma’s sea magic, Ben’s scary transformation, and Celia’s potential powers. We also have a hunch that Maleficent’s scepter is going to be kicking out some serious magic in “Descendants 3.” But as the “Mystery Trailer” said, Hades' Ember is even more powerful than Maleficent’s staff. Tune in as we explain the source of every "Descendants 3" characters' powers. Once you're finished watching, give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to TheThings.

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