DUA before SLEEPING against | ENEMiES, Bad Dreams, SiHR, Magic, JiNN | (long)
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 Published On Aug 04, 2015

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All authentic Duas from Hisnul Muslim before sleeping
(protecton and healing from nightmares, jinn, sihr, black magic, shaytan, bad dreams)

and sura Al-Mulk 67 (protection from punishment in grave)

and sura As-Sajdah 32

Here is the Android App with all Duas with Voice from Harun Yahya:
Duas are
Nr. 28 (it has 13 Duas)
Nr. 29
Nr. 30
Nr. 128
The App repeats automatically each Dua.
Surah 32 and 67 can can use a quran App.

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