10 New Characters In Descendants 4
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 Published On Oct 15, 2019

If Descendants 3 gets a sequel these characters have to be in the Disney channel movie.
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Calling all "Descendants" fans! We surely aren't the only ones who desperately want "Descendants 4" to come out. There are plenty of characters we one day hope to see on the small screen. From Elsa and Anna to Ariel and Melody - there are just too many amazing characters we never got to bond with. So we've taken it upon ourselves to cast the ideal actors into our favorite Disney roles. These actors would make the perfect addition to the "Descendants" franchise.

Who will play Mal’s little brother Hadie? Is it Ross Lynch or Asher Angel? We’ve also lined up Peyton List and Sophie Turner to play cousins. Selena Gomez and Amy Adams would be mother and daughter, while Olivia Holt and Olivia Rodrigo would be the daughters of great enemies. If you love everything “Descendants," subscribe to TheThings for more great videos like this one. Thanks for watching!

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