My Cheap A45 Transformed : PTS Paint, 63 Exhausts, CarPlay + More! - Best 45 AMG Mods
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 Published On Mar 06, 2021

I really love my A45. It’s a giant killer, at a giant killing price. And today, I’ll show you how to upgrade an 45 to make it MORE AMG, by giving showing you some of the best mods doable! Big thanks to Crepchief Notify for sponsoring this episode, use the code “CCN10” to get £10 off, use the link below!

I first saw the model at my first ever motor show visit in Geneva 2013, even ran into May Watson! I visited it as a customer of #AMG, very sceptical of this new risky direction for AMG, as was everyone. But at  36k it was as fast as the then C63, and it’s hand built motor was the most powerful production 4 cyl in the world, following the one-man one-engine tradition.

I test drove it many months later and fell in love: Great engine, #MercedesAMG sound, great steering and gearbox, and mini black series looks. This was a proper AMG! This car also prompted me to start cataloguing my car journey via Instagram with my first ever post, an act that later gave birth to RBR! So it holds a special place.

Now the New A45S is a massively capable car, with an even more powerful engine, and speed and agility that could genuinely keep up with a Supercar. But it costs a commensurate amount, at an eye watering 60 thousand pounds. A35 isn’t much cheaper in the 40’s.

But for me that takes the fun out of a hot hatch! They’re meant to be giant slayers, at a giant slaying price! SO, when i bought mine a year and a half ago, it was in-spite of the new car. It’s a pre-facelift too, low mileage at 7K in amazing condition, and I bought it for only circa 25k.

But the plan was always to take that great base, and make it more AMG, and modern, in every way: and I’m going to show you that today, including the best part, a whole new AMG paint finish!

The first thing I did, even before delivery was the wheels. I got the alloys from the new A45S, which changed the entire look of the car bringing it right in line with 2021 cars! Michelin also sent me the PS4S tyres: get them! Amazing performance and longevity.

Inside, I also added the AMG specific steering wheel and gear selector that my car wasn’t optioned with. The steering wheel was done in red dinamica from the SLS black series, but you can also get a carbon one from SW Customs, as you’ll see in my upcoming C63 Black Series transformation video.

Outside, i wanted a new paint finish and I didn’t like the poxy looking pipes of the original car.  AMG and Mercedes don’t give much choice for custom colours, even the GT Black Series doesn’t get any PTS #Paint option.

Enter Fastlane Paint and Body, the official Bodyshop for Mercedes Benz World and many other dealers. They’ve started a new PTS, i.e. paint to sample service for ANY car post factory, and to top it off, it’s peelable paint so is totally reversible! I’ve already done my C63 Black Series in Solarbeam yellow with them (video coming in a few weeks), and I chose another VERY AMG colour that we’ve never seen on a compact AMG before.

So now, let’s head over to fastlane and show you the full peelable PTS process, before unveiling the car!!


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