Descendants 3: The Truth About Celia
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 Published On May 27, 2019

Is Celia The Real Villain Of Descendants 3? Find Out Here
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Welcome back to TheThings "Descendants" fans! The Disney Channel is dropping new and exciting trailers every two weeks or so, and we're getting to know the villains' side of the story. It's hard to imagine what growing up on the Isle of the Lost would be like. But, we don't need to live there to know that it's the last place we want to be. With this in mind, we totally understand why the villains are trying to bring down the barrier. But, how are they going to pull this off?

In "Descendants 2," we find out that Evie has been working with King Ben to bring more VKs to Auradon Prep. So, it's quite possible that the chosen ones will be tasked with freeing the Isle - just like Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos once were. However, maybe the villains have realized that putting their fate in the hands of children isn't always a safe bet. Celia, daughter of Dr. Facilier, is seen cackling like a madwoman only to later be showcased protecting Dude the Dog. So, who is she really?

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