AMG's GT R Roadster Makes NO Sense - But does it need to?
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 Published On Dec 20, 2020

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Why does the GT R Roadster exist? The GT R is a Track focused version of the AMG GT family main 2 door coupé: a series of cars built to battle the likes of the Porsche 911 Carrera series. The R takes it's inspiration from the #MercedesAMG GT3 car, sans natural engine, it has active aero, 9 stage traction control, wider body and track, rear wheel steer and a whole host of stiffening and rigidity measures including the use of light materials. All to create a car that could rival a Porsche GT3.

The GT R Pro barely made any sense, adding some more rigidity, aero and little else, while removing much of the GTR's daily charm. While the GT Black Series #supercar truly sits alone as a 730BHP monster car.

So why take a dynamic car where the Nth's and 10'ths matter so much, and dumb it down by making it heavier and less dynamic? It can be perhaps forgiven as it's a limited 750 unit car, but still, things don't bode well for #AMG's latest roadster: unless you look at the past, where it joins other limited edition AMG track roadsters too! Today we explore:

- The AMG GT Family - GT, GTS, GTC, GT R, GT R Pro, GT Black Series
- Where does the GT Roadster fit?
- Internals of GTR Roadster
- AMG Track Drop Tops of past - CLK DTM cabriolet, CLK GTR Roadster
- The AMG GT baby pram
- GT Roadster Interior
- Full UK Road review
- Exhaust sound
- Conclusion

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