How Keanu Reeves Prepared To Become John Wick
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 Published On May 17, 2019

The John Wick series is a resounding success, with Keanu Reeves bringing the retired assassin back for a third feature-length rampage. There's no better time to break down how the actor prepares to take on the physically demanding role. You might be surprised at just how intensely he works to become John Wick.

While watching all the insane stunts he pulls off in the John Wick films, it's important to keep in mind that Keanu Reeves is in his 50s. Yet he makes those moves look effortless, and as often as they can get away with it, yes, it's really him.

Reeves logged his first screen credit in 1984, before many of his modern fans were even born. Since then, the man has given us decades of badass characters, many of which helped prepare him for his turn as John Wick.

Understandably, he's starting to slow down a bit as he gets older, but he still puts everything he can into his performances. He mentioned in a profile in Men's Journal, "I can't do stairs as fast. But if you say 'action,' I'll go."

Watch to learn more about how Keanu Reeves prepared to become John Wick!

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