Dodge Challenger "Legends Never Die" by Jesse Pitela
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 Published On Jan 22, 2015

My spec promo for the best american muscle car (in my opinion) - the Dodge Challenger SRT8. My goal was to show the legacy of muscle cars being handed down from generation to generation. //
Transformers is my #1 movie of all time. It's the only reason why I'm in filmmaking to begin with, hence the reference to No Sacrifice, No Victory :)

This is a spec commercial created with a budget of about $150. Written, shot, directed, edited & VFX by me.

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Thanks to Michael Harris for letting me shoot with his Challenger.
Willard Strong as the grandfather
Kyan and Drew Vanderweele as the grandchildren.

VFX in After Effects, edited in Premiere, shot with the BMPCC.

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