Descendants 3 Fan Theories That Make Total Sense
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 Published On May 15, 2019

These Theories Could Change Everything About Descendants 3
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The final film in the “Descendants” franchise is getting released this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited! Disney has been pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, so we've been living for the franchise's newest trailers. Disney Channel has given us two new teasers all about Hades. He looks like one cool villain. He seems pretty upset about the fact that he’s a god who is stuck on the Isle of the Lost. We can’t really blame him for being angry!

We know that Mal and the other VKs have to save Auradon from the threat of Hades and Uma. But we don’t know too much more. Fan theories are making their way around the internet. And we have to admit some of them make a lot of sense! Let’s take a look at what we know about “Descendants 3” and Hades. And we’ll definitely talk about some of the hottest fan theories out there! For more great videos from TheThings, hit that subscribe button.

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