Porsche Taycan RWD vs 4S! Don't Buy into the Hype! 2021 Buyers Guide
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 Published On Mar 23, 2021

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In true Porsche fashion, the Taycan family is growing! You can’t be a real Porsche until you have enough variants to completely confuse us all while spending hours on the configurator. So we thought, why not give you a Taycan Buyers Guide!

Today we’re looking at the two entry level cars of the Taycan line-up, the Taycan 4S and the newly introduced base Taycan, which is rear wheel driven only! I will also compare them in a way you’ve not seen here before, with a full augmented reality walkaround, in some parts!

So there’s tonnes of Taycans; Porsche recently announced the new Cross Turismo: a wagon shaped Taycan which sits higher, with more luggage room and off roading traits. It comes in a 4, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S, so theres another 4 taycans to choose or confuse! And incase you were confused thinking this is the last variant, there will also be a Sport Turismo: another wagon or shooting brake, but a LOW SLUNG car maintaining the sexy low down sports car look of the normal Taycan. This is my fave, can’t wait for it.

So there will probably be a literal dozen taycans for you to choose from, and thats a good thing, because as we found the Turbo S was a properly exciting sports car, and delivered on porsche’s Soul Electrified promise.

But we aren’t looking at dozens today, instead we’re going to focus on our two entry level models, by worked from the top of the range down.

First I’ll show you all the things the Taycan models shade, like the Permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, a 600-amp pulse inverter which is our motor on the rear, and a 2 speed gearbox.

But after this, there are significant mechanical changes among the Taycans, and for customers a very confusing number of power and range figures for what is the same car. For example you may hear the Turbo S is 761 BHP, but thats only on overboost in launch control. Otherwise it’s 635 BHP normally, the exact same as what you get on the normal Turbo daily! Range and power figures for some models also change depending on if you get the two deck performance battery...

So to make things much simpler, we’re going to explore them all in a very Simple way today!

- All the Taycan Family models
- Taycan Internals - A Detailed look at the Taycan Technology
- Taycan Aerodynamics
- The Taycan Turbo S Performance
- Taycan Turbo vs Turbo S - Overboost and Range
- Taycan 4S - Normal vs Performance Battery Plus
- Taycan RWD - Normal vs Performance Battery Plus
- Future of Porsche Battery tech - silicon anode batteries
- Interior spec advice
- Taycan RWD Launch control
- Taycan RWD Full performance review
- Taycan 4S Launch control
- Taycan 4S Full performance review
- Conclusion

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