Creality Ender 3 Pro - 3D Printer - Upgrades & Fixes
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 Published On Jan 25, 2019

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Ender 3 Pro:
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Capricorn tubing:
Stepper Dampers:
Silicone Sock:
Metal Extruder:
TL Smoothers:
Gear Puller:
Timing belt pulley:

Printable Upgrades:
Fan duct:
Filament Guide:
Ribbon Clip:
Tool Tray:
Side Spool Mount:
Spool Holder:
PCB Cover:
Pressure fitting:
Z-axis Mount:

The Ender 3 is one of the most popular printers of 2018 with a very large user base available online at websites like Reddit, Facebook, and Youtube, all filled with resources which help to improve the experience for a new user or an experienced hobbyist.
New design features improve upon the wildly successful Ender 3 model 3D printer. Improvements to the Y axis improve stability, and the alteration of the control box unit move the fan to the bottom of the unit, no longer under the print bed.
Our all new magnetic bed surface for easy model removal is included stock on the Ender 3 Pro. Easily remove the magnetic print surface from the hotbed and remove models with no spatula or razor necessary.
The brand name Meanwell power supply delivers more power with a stable output ensuring the temperature fluctuations are minimized, especially during long and intensive prints. Heat the hotbed faster and to higher temperatures before making the Ender 3 Pro a much better option for printing ABS and other high temperature high strength filaments.

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