We Tested 100’s of Apple Watch Accessories So You Didn’t Have To
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 Published On Oct 07, 2020

We’ve used 100’s of Apple Watch Accessories so that you didn’t have to. That $6 dollar screen protector? Yep. That nylon band that doesn’t match the size of the Apple Watch for $80? Yep. That case + strap combo? Yep.

Here’s what we think are the best in class for the Apple Watch. Use our affiliate links to see what's in stock on Amazon.

Screen Protectors:
FLOLAB NanoArmor - Get yours at https://www.flolab.io! I think my code still works there "MRE10"
Zagg Glass Elite - https://mreh.ca/3dehP9N
Any liquid screen protector (maybe) - https://mreh.ca/2tMC6gr

Rhinoshield CrashGuard - https://mreh.ca/Rhinoshield
Otterbox Exo Edge - https://mreh.ca/30KmxHj

Daily Straps:
Mifa Hybrid Sports Strap - https://mreh.ca/3d9jgq3

Working out Straps:
Apple Sport Loop - https://mreh.ca/3nt07Uz

Belkin Power Bank 2k - https://mreh.ca/2I7Hl59

Trying to figure out which Apple Watch to get? https://youtu.be/RWJ83n7pChQ

Which Solo Loop is best? https://youtu.be/b-UJaMUH4MI

Detailed Apple Watch Screen Protectors Review: https://youtu.be/wX4BkDRkbok

Mifa band review: https://youtu.be/JqdCgDT7irs

All the other bands I’ve reviewed: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYmnlI-tycmFTh__ue7b32VhiDyLluG2N

Everything you need to know about Liquid Screen Protectors: https://www.youtu.be/NIPOTDUnUfo

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There’s a BIG caveat with screen protectors. Overall, even the best products will take away from the Apple Watch. For me, every product except 1, that I used reduced the crispness of the OLED screen on the Apple Watch as well as the sensitivity.

Products that I’d actually consider include any type of liquid screen protector, the Zagg Glass Curve Elite and the Flolab Nanoarmor. Now out of these three products, two will reduce the sensitivity while the other product offers almost no visible protection.

Now I like the Flolab NanoArmor because it’s actual glass and it has a full adhesive. Alot of the cheaper products have adhesive on the edge but not the front which is silly.

So when it comes to Apple Watch cases, I look for two things. Will it protect the edge and will the case come off easily?

In general, most cases will do the first one BUT most fail the second one.

My goto cases are going to be the Crashguards from Evolutive Labs. First off all, they’re going to offer your AW a decent amount of drop protection. Second of all, you can get custom rims to change the look of the case and third of all, you can use any strap you want. That’s just spectacular. Third of all is that unlike other cases, they’re going to get less gross over time because they don’t fully cover the back of the watch.

A similar product is the Otterbox Exo Edge. It’s very similar to the Crash Guard with the exception of the removable rims.

Best Everyday Strap
Out of the dozens of straps I’ve used over the last few years, the one that’s been the most impressive has been the Mifi straps. It’s ½ silicone, ½ leather which means you have pure comfort and functionality on the inside and business on the outside.

Best Strap for working out
From my perspective, the best strap to get sweaty with is the Apple Sport Loop. I say that because it has enough give so that you can easily turn the watch face around without undoing the strap. That flexibility is going to be awesome for people who train a lot of kettlebells.

The velcro design provides better breathability than other nylon straps. The only way I’d recommend a UAG strap would be if you like have sweaty sticky things stuck to your wrist.

Battery Packs

This product class seemed silly at first but now that we rely on our Apple Watches even more than before, having a bit of portable power might be handy.

There aren't many Apple Watch specific products out there but out of the three that we could purchase, the best was the Belkin because of its physical size, battery capacity and it is MFI certified.

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