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 Published On Dec 14, 2019

You cannot deny of falling in love, but have you ever fell in the second time? moreover with same person,
Sounds like a fantasy right?

#SunandaSharma #DujiVaarPyar
DUJI VAAR PYAR is a tale of falling in love for the second time, which will make you realise the importance of love, sacrifice most importantly the choices you make in life for love, they say love is like a ocean who's depth can never be measured and like the peak of a mountain who's glimpse can only be seen.
After giving blockbuster hits team is back again, Mad 4 Music & Pinky Dhaliwal Present's SUNANDA SHARMA’s first ever romantic song DUJI VAAR PYAR, the Lyrics are Penned by JAANI & Music by Sukh-E and Video Shot by ARVINDR KHAIRA. Hope you all will show your love and support. Do comments and share as much as you can.

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Song : Duji Vaar Pyar
Singer : Sunanda Sharma
Lyricist : Jaani
Music : Sukh E
Composer : Avvy Sra
Video : Arvindr Khaira
Producer : Pinky Dhaliwal
Label : Mad 4 Music

Team Duji Vaar Pyar :
Male Model : Mohit Hiranandani
Casting : Vicky Gautam
Special Thanks : Prabh Simran for beautiful sync outfit
Outfit By: Harkiran Basra
Mixed & Recorded : Avvy Sra
Mastered : Gurjinder Guri & Akash Bambar ( Saffron Studio)
Assistant Music Producer : Avvy Sra

Technical Department Detail :
Creative director / steadicam operator :- Amaninder Singh
Dop :- Al ameel
Assistant director :- Satnam , Sukhman sukhu, sonia
Editor / Grade : Zipsi
Make up :- Rajan passi and coco
Production :- Neeraj Bhatt
Online Promotion : Net Media

Digital Distribution Partner :- SkyDigital
Instagram : http://bit.ly/Skydigital

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Lyrics : -

Oh Mera Pehla Pyar Tu C Tu Eh Janda
Sanu Kathyan Nu Hoge Kine Saal X(2)
Mainu Duji Vari Pyar Hoeya Sohneya
Duji Vaar Vi Hoeya Ae Tere Naal X(2)
Haye Ve Duji Vaar Vi Hoeya Ae Tere Naal x (2)

Main Kise Hor Wal wekha Dil Kare Na
Kise Hor Wal wekha Dil Kare Na
Hath Mera Hor koi Hath Fade Na X(2)
Gallan Meriyan Hi Chak Gaane Likhda
Loki Kehnde “Jaani” Likhda Kamaal
Mainu Duji Vari Pyar Hoeya Sohneya
Duji Vaar Vi Hoeya Ae Tere Naal X(2)

Mein Tainu Supne Ch Vi Ni Chad Sakdi
Meitho Maar Ke Vi Hona Nhi Eh Paap Ve
Je Pta Karna Main Pyar kina Ka rdi
Tu Samundra Nu jake Layi Naap Ve X(2)
“Besuri” Tere Bina Meri Zindgi
Na Koi Lai Ae Te Na Koi Taal
Mainu Duji Vari Pyar Hoeya Sohneya
Duji Vaar Vi Hoeya Ae Tere Naal X(2)

Tera Naa Main Likhya Meri Baah Te
Mere Kamre Ch Teri Tasvir Ve X(2)
Tere Layi Mein Duawan Eda Mangdi
Mere Kolo Pareshan Hogye Peer Ve X(2)
Jado Hunda Tu Naraz Channa Mereya
Asi Hathan Utte Dive Laiye Baal
Mainu Duji Vari Pyar Hoeya Sohneya
Duji Vaar Vi Hoeya Ae Tere Naal X(2)

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