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 Published On Jul 18, 2020

Disney Villain Kids Who Were Left Out Of Descendants! Could They Be In Descendants 4?


The Descendants movies are about the children of Disney villains, accomplices and sidekicks. All the children go on their own journeys that are separate from their parents. However, they inherit some of the same features and abilities. The Descendants trilogy covers almost all the Disney antagonists, however, they missed a few. Perhaps Disney is planning a fourth Descendants movie that will include the missed characters, only time will tell!

The villain children that were left out in the existing Descendants series include the following:

Queen of Hearts & King of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
Prince Hans & Princess Anna from Frozen
Mother Gothel from Rapunzel
Morgana from The Little Mermaid
Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove
Sid Phillips from Toy Story
Governor Ratcliffe from Pochahontas
Syndrome from The Incredibles
Madame Medusa from The Rescuers
Shan Yu from Mulan

This video will cover what these children might look like and what their personalities could be based on their parent’s attributes. Possible reasons why these children weren’t included in the Descendants movies will also be discussed. Villains have their own lives too, they might’ve been busy or preoccupied and therefore didn’t appear on Descendants. If you’re interested in potential theories, appearances and personalities of these evil children that were missed in the Descendants movies, click the play button above!

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Written by: Ava Knox
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