Ready to Withstand Challenges by Nouman Ali Khan (ICNA-MAS Convention)
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 Published On Jul 06, 2016

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People of the “Cave” is what Qur'an refers to these youth. These young men were in pursuit of protecting their new found identity of a Muslim. Their departure from the city was to protect their faith and the deep desire to live a life of a believer in one God. They chose to sacrifice luxuries of this life and the protection of their beliefs. Their migration away from society was a last resort to protect their faith. Alhamdulillah, today in America, we are not subject to the extreme circumstances faced by these youth. As Muslims in America, we have the constitutional right to practice our faith and live as believers. Yes, we may have to make some sacrifices of time & wealth, but we are in no way subject to the harsh circumstances faced by this youth. The example of this youth is a fresh air of empowerment for our youth. This story is a very important reminder for everyone who in the midst of all luxuries and comforts of this world, should still be focused on finding the truth, promoting it and being ready to sacrifice the luxuries and comforts of this life to promote, protect and practice their faith.

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