All Of Descendants 3 Parents Explained
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 Published On Oct 06, 2019

We Love Mal Audrey and Evie So much In Disney's Descendants 3 They Are Our Favorite Disney Princesses And We Want To Uncover More About Their Parents And Family Tree

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Princess Ariel is one of the only Disney Princesses to have a movie featuring her grown-up daughter, Melody. It was so interesting to see Ariel go from a rule-breaking teenager to an overprotective mother. For years, we thought about the other Disney Princesses and villains and silently wondered if they had any children of their own. In 2015, the Disney Channel released the first "Descendants" film and fans just couldn't get enough of it. Instead of strictly focusing on the heroes, the Disney Channel showed us what it meant to be a villain kid.

We loved seeing the descendants of our beloved Disney characters rise to the occasion and follow their hearts. But when it comes to their parents, some of them are nowhere to be found. In this video from TheThings, we explain the complicated family trees of our favorite VKs and AKs. Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

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