New e-Tron GT Quattro EV review; Audi's answer to the Taycan and Tesla S Plaid
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 Published On Mar 03, 2021

Audi's new e-Tron GT Quattro real world review is their answer to the Porsche Taycan and Tesla S Plaid. In RS form (launching simultaneously) the e-Tron GT is the most powerful production Audi of any type yet. Looking incredibly close to the 2018 concept, the GT goes on sale shortly and is based around the same (codenamed J1) platform of Porsche's Taycan. Jonny has just two hours to test the GT on UK soil. Milton Keynes to be precise. And it's raining.

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The e-Tron GT is built on same production line as R8 in the Audi Bollinger Hofe site in Neckarsulm. Production has a net zero carbon footprint, as uses 100% eco electricity, combined heat and power plant fired with biogas and recycles its plastic waste into fibres for 3d printing prototypes. Leather-free interior uses new material called Cascade, produced using recycled polyester fibres from plastic bottles and textiles. Dinamica replaces Alcantara, and too comprises recycled fibres. Carpet made from Econyl, a material comprising 100% recycled nylon fibres.Here's a run down of the specs:

Efficiency - low suspension setting, front motor only, top speed 87mph
Dynamic - suspension alert for changes, rear bias Quattro
Comfort - default
Individual - configurable steering, suspension and grip

9 paint colours available (Tactical Green new colour), Kemora grey metallic as tested

93.4 kWh battery (85.2 Kwh usable), 800v
Liquid cooled (4 separate coolant circuits can interconnect and couple with A/C system)
33 modules, 12 pouch cells per module
30 modules in lower level, 3 modules on second floor under rear seat
Charging and preheat/cool possible via myAudi app.

e-Tron GT front motor = 238PS (175kW)
e-Tron GT rear motor = 435PS (320kW)
RS e-Tron GT front motor = 238PS (175kW)
RS e-Tron GT rear motor = 456PS (335kW)

PSM motors (permanently excited synchronous motors)
e-Tron GT Quattro - 476PS / 350kW (530PS overboost) , 630Nm (464.7 lbft)
RS e-Tron GT Quattro - 598PS (646PS overboost), 830Nm (612.2 lbft)

QUATTRO system
All-wheel drive engaged unless 'Efficiency' mode is selected, when fwd is prioritised.
Rear motor can be activated during slippery surfaces 5 times faster than with a traditional mechanical Quattro drivetrain.
Self locking centre diff.
RS e-Tron GT features rear axle diff lock based on fully variable multi-plate clutch
GT Vorsprung and all RS e-Tron GTs get rear-steering.

2-stage paddle manual activated regen braking or set to automatic in the MMI (using sat nav)
Off-throttle regen only activated in 'Dynamic' driving mode.
e-Tron GT = steel discs
RS e-Tron GT = cast iron discs with tungsten carbide coating and 10-piston calipers
Carbon ceramic discs optional on RS

Up to 270Kw rapid DC charging (CCS). 5-80% in under 23 mins.
11kW onboard charging as standard - 9hrs full charge
Optional 22kW onboard charging - 4.5hrs full charge

-295 miles GT predicted (474km)
-280 miles RS GT predicted (450km)

Versions & Prices:
e-Tron GT Quattro - £79,900
e-Tron GT Quattro Vorsprung - £106,000
RS e-Tron - £110,950
RS e-Tron GT Carbon Black £124,540
RS e-Tron GT Vorsprung £133,340

0-62 mph (0-100kmh)
GT - 4.1 secs (with boost)
RS - 3.3 secs (with boost)

152.5mph (245kph)

2285kg, 50:50 weight distribution

Double wishbone cast aluminium & electronic adaptive damping
Optional adaptive 3-chamber air suspension (as tested) lowers car up to 22mm and 20mm increase over stock ride height.

Aerodynamic (drag coefficent)
e-Tron GT 0.24 Cd
Taycan 0.22 Cd
Tesla S Plaid 0.20 Cd

BOOT SPACE rear / froot
Taycan boot = 366L / 81L
e-Tron GT boot = 405L / 81L

Audi virtual cockpit plus = 12.3inch screen
MMI touch central display = 10.1inch screen

e-Tron GT
4990mm long
2900mm wheelbase
1960mm wide
1410mm high

Taycan dimensions
4963mm long
2900mm wheelbase
1966mm wide
1379mm high

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Filmed & edited by: Mark Hankins @ Ink Shark Studios
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

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