The Amazon monopoly and the problem with Jeff Bezos' business model
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 Published On Mar 31, 2019

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Amazon is a monopoly in dozens of different markets because Jeff Bezos wants it to. In this criticism of Amazon, we analyze of Jeff Bezos business model threatens the very existence of free market.

Amazon is the second biggest corporation in the world and one of the only two companies to pass the $1 trillion mark. But during more than two decades of existence, Amazon has struggled to make any profit.

It has everything to do with the business model of Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. In his own words, Bezos believes in shareholder supremacy, which means everything is justified as long as the share value is growing.

Jeff Bezos pushed Amazon great lengths to claim this dominance. From undercutting competitors with predatory pricing, through forcing itself into their business, to vertically integrating into strategic markets across the business line, Amazon is on track to gradually take over every aspect of e-commerce and to control and decide what we shop and what is allowed to be sold.

Amazon profits and revenue chart and
Amazon earnings and
Amazon Prime and stocks
Amazon e-commerce share
Amazon Web Services statistics
Jeff Bezos net worth
More than 90% market share in 5 products
Amazon vs Quidsi and Diapers
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Amazon Antitrust
Amazon tightens grip on technology

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