New E63S VS Old E63S : Can the Real AMG Hammer please stand up?!
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 Published On May 04, 2021

RBR VS Mode Episodes are coming at you with a vengeance!! After the awesome Taycan 4S vs RWD episode, it’s time to do a proper petrolhead hero car battle : #AMG E63S vs E63S. Old vs New! Loud vs Subdued. Analog vs Digital!

Not a huge amount has changed technically speaking as far as performance goes on the E63S. It maintains the brutal 4.0 V8 bi turbo, and the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G. And of course the famed AMG 4matic+ 100% variable all wheel drive system with drift mode. Both E 63 S produce 612 BHP, 850NM and 0-60 in 3.4 - but we test both to be way quicker, so stick around for the launch controls!

Minor differences: the interior gets a new where and the awesome MBUX, and the facelift gets AMG dynamics, which influences the ESP system based on your requirements or driver skill. And the main bit is adjustments to the AMG ride control suspension, which has been modified to be more comfortable. Oh, and the exhaust is now muted due to EU regs since then.

That means, for the AMG Addict, the prefacelift E63S is basically the same car, just louder, less interior tech and arguably a more aggressive design!!

So if you were in the market for the Ultimate E63, or you’re confused between both: this is the video for you!

Today we explore.

- New W213 #MercedesAMG E63S Facelift
- 2017 Pre facelift W213 Original E63S 4matic Plus
- Technical change differences between old and new #E63
- Exterior design comparison
- New front end vs Old
- Rear design comparison
- 2017 Old E63S interior vs New Facelift E63S interior
- New E63S OPF Exhaust sound and AMG emotion start
- Old E63S Exhaust sound and revs
- Old E63S Launch control
- New E63S Launch control
- New E63 vs Old E63 Full driving review of both
- Conclusion

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