Descendants Kids Who Will Turn Rotten To The Core In D4
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 Published On Aug 16, 2020

Which Disney Descendants Villain Kids Will Return To Their Rotten Roots!

Calling all Disney “Descendants” fans, we’ve got a plot twist for “Descendants 4” that will make things very interesting. We saw in “D3” how Queen of Mean Audrey caused all kinds of havoc, so just imagine how interesting it would be if another one of the Auradon Kids went wicked. Or what if one of the Villain Kids returned to their “rotten to the core” roots? Whether it’s AKs go bad or VKs go bad, we’ve imagined all the possible — and most shocking — scenarios for the fourth installment of the franchise. Warning: this video will make you want Disney to hurry up already and announce they will make another film!

When it comes to AKs, King Ben is about as noble as they come. So if he decided to turn to the wicked side, that would be a shocker, and we’ve figured out what could send him in that direction. Jane, Lonnie, Doug, Audrey, Chad Charming — there are reasons why each of these Auradon Kids might go bad. But what about the VKs? We’ve got just the pirate in mind for Queen Mal to join evil forces with, and the same goes for Jay, too. As for Evie and Doug, perhaps their true love won’t have such a happy ending when one (or both) of them embrace their rotten side. We’ve even got Dizzy Tremaine in on the evil action. Hit that play button to see how it could all play out, and subscribe to TheThings for more videos like this. Thanks for watching!

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Written by: Elle Taylor
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Edited by: Maite Cambra

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