Onward: Most Magical Creatures Ranked
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 Published On Mar 07, 2020

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It’s always a good day when a new Pixar movie comes out. But it’s especially good when the characters of the movie are all reimaginings of classic mythical characters who are forced to live in the technologically advanced but hum-drum world that we humans do. Regal Persian monsters become restaurateurs and Unicorns make work-out tapes.

So, although they live in such a normal world, Onward is still full of some very magical characters. Like the Grecklin, a reimagining of Roz, the grouchy secretary from Monsters Inc, who runs a pawn shop. Or the trolls who, instead of hiding under the bridge and eating anyone who crosses, control the toll bridge and collect fees. Or even the unicorns who replace raccoons and rats as the pesky vermin who dig through your garbage. Today, we’ll be ranking all the creatures that are featured, from most to least magical.

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