New M5 Competition LCI! BUT is an Old M5 better?!
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 Published On Jan 30, 2021

Welcome back to RBR guys! It’s always fun when we have an updated automotive icon to explore isn’t it? The battle for the best Performance Saloon has always been a viciously fought one over the ages, and the most infamous champion in the space has been #BMW’s M5. Ever since the original E12 m535i or the 1985 E28 #M5 with the M88 engine from the M1, the M5 has been the benchmark for the performance saloon.

Now we have the LCI M5, LCI means life cycle if you didn’t know, to dumbest name for facelift ever, but on the face of it looks to address some of the main issues I found with the last competition, while bringing it in line with current cars in terms of tech specifically in the interior.

Things haven’t been easy for the M5 as they used to be a few decades ago. Recent history has seen the rivals from AMG and Porsche make things all the more difficult. New Pan Turbo S is a monster, E63S just updated with marmite looks but much improved suspension allegedly. Plus, I found the #BMWM M8 to be much more comfortable while having better steering, and things like the GT63S exist to make matters more complicated.

Now regardless, I really loved the original M5, with 600 BHP i thought it was powerful enough while maintaining the balance versus comfort that’s so crucial in a performance saloon. Always thought the E63 rode hard, until i drove the M5 Competition and understood the meaning of crashy!

Luckily, M have tackled those very issues. So while the power of the M5 remains 600BHP, and the Competition at 625, the main changes come to the suspension. We have new shock absorbers carried over from the M8, which remember we found to be much better. The chassis has also been retuned.
Now a quick look inside, and let’s hear the stock exhaust system!

So let’s explore the update to the most infamous M Car, with the new M5 competition!

- Rivals of the M5
- F90 M5 pre-facelift old
- F90 Competition pre-facelift
- M5 LCI Chances
- New suspension
- Engine cooling updates
- M Compound Brakes
- Exterior Design
- M5 LCI Performance parts
- Big grille new M5 render
- New M5CS
- Interior review
- Exhaust sound
- Full performance review
- Launch control
- Comfort and steering
- Conclusion

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