Descendants 3 NEW Theories That Could Actually Be True
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 Published On Apr 10, 2019

Descendants 3 Clues About What's To Come In Final Movie
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The “Descendants 3: Mystery Trailer” has revealed some major secrets about the upcoming film. There is a big sleep spell that has been cast over the kingdom of Auradon, and no one seems to know who is responsible. There are at least four likely villains who are capable of committing such an evil act. We are going to explore each one of these villains and discuss their motives, powers, and relationships with Mal. We’ve got some interesting theories about the evil that is lurking over Auradon Prep.

In addition to the sleep spell, people are turning into stone all over the kingdom. We see Fairy Godmother turn to stone right before our eyes in the trailer. Then later, Mal looks devastated when she sees her friends as stone statues. So who is behind this? And who will save Auradon from all of these terrible spells? It’s clear that Mal will have to form an alliance with her former nemesis in order to save Auradon. The trailer says that “Spells are made to be broken.” Watch our video until the end to find out what exactly they mean by that vague but meaningful statement.

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