Apple Watch Series 6 Tips & Tricks - How To Use The Apple Watch Series 6
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 Published On Dec 10, 2020

Today we show you the Apple Watch Series 6 tips and tricks to help you learn how to use the Apple Watch series 6 and get the most out of it. These Apple Watch 6 tips can be used with most older Apple smart watches that are updated to the latest version of WatchOS. As always, you can use the chapters below to skip ahead to the Apple Watch tips you want to learn.

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Chapters - Skip Ahead
00:00 Intro
01:10 How to find the iPhone with the apple watch series 6
02:00 Enable Noise and Ear Protection notifications
02:38 How to take a screenshot on the Apple Watch
03:05 How to change your wrist orientation (hand you wear the watch)
03:42 Increase text size, bold and how to Zoom in
04:50 Control Centre settings
05:50 How to flush the Apple Watch
06:43 Add, move or remove apps from Control Centre
07:23 How to configure Siri Settings
08:41 how to turn off fall detection on Apple Watch
10:04 Battery health, power reserve and optimize charging

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