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 Published On Aug 23, 2019

Lets talk about Robert Kiyosaki, and why you’re likely seeing so many of his Rich Dad Poor Dad videos showing up lately - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Rich Dad Poor Dad was an absolutely transformative book when I read it in my freshman year of high school, if even for the only purpose of distinguishing an asset from a liability. The fact that he was able to articulate such a complex topic in a way that children and young adults would be able to comprehend and internalize, was VERY impressive - and for that, I’m grateful.

And when he says our school system has failed our entire generation - I think he’s RIGHT! Not only is the cost of education way too expensive, but schools don’t teach financial education, they don’t teach you how to save on your taxes, they don’t teach you to think objectively and find your own answers…if anything, I believe schools are too structured, to a fault.

By keeping your focus within such a narrow confine, and by guiding you throughout the memorization of useless test answers, they teach you to follow someone else’s instruction rather than make your own independent decisions. So it’s no wonder why we have people who can’t operate without being told what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done. Hence, they train people to become “employees.”

But despite that, for anyone who’s suddenly started seeing his videos come out from the YouTube algorithm - it seems, to me, like a push towards his book promotion.

Which, I’ll admit - is an effective way to market, so I can’t blame him for doing what works. But overall, from all of this, my thoughts on Robert Kiyosaki haven’t changed…I think he’s got some GREAT general principles and life advice that’s perfect for someone who just needs a kick in the pants to change their mindset, and get them THINKING about entrepreneurship. But beyond the simple basics…I just don’t see it. I’d like to see some more practical, step by step, actionable advice rather than vaguely broad concepts - and I suppose that’s where the disconnect stems from.

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