Worst Ways to Gift Cryptocurrency [you can keep your bitcoin papaya]
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 Published On Dec 24, 2020

In the Gifting Cryptocurrency Livestream, Andreas answered the question, "What are the worst ways to gift crypto?" In this 2 minute video, he explains the 3 worst ways to gift cryptocurrency including bitcoin. Watch the video and be sure you're not doing these things.

0:00 What are the worst ways to give a gift of cryptocurrency to other people?
0:11 Don't give to people who don't want it, or really need the money now
0:29 No bitcoin papaya
1:20 Don't give gifts with strings attached

Watch the entire gifting cryptocurrency bonus livestream here: https://youtu.be/SsGBYJcV12k

Ready for some laughs? Watch this video snippet from Andreas' "no learning" crypto comedy special: https://youtu.be/1AnAe6fm2-8
Or watch the entire episode of crypto comedy video: https://youtu.be/hjOTi3Vaiqo

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