This Is How The Cast Of Descendants 2 Should Have Looked
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 Published On Apr 20, 2018

Different ways the characters of Descendants 2 could have looked.
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The wicked castmates of Disney’s “Descendants 2” had incredible style. From Mal’s signature purple hair and clothes, to Evie’s romantic flair and blue cascading locks, the fans love the looks in “Descendants 2.” Costume designer, Kara Saun, said she wanted the costumes to be super detailed with a wicked couture flair. She took elements of each of the parent’s signature looks and incorporated them into the costumes of the villain kids. That’s why Mal’s look is purple and green with a hint of dragon. Jay always has a cobra somewhere on his outfit. And Carlos consistently rocks the black, white and red look, just like his mom.

Wouldn’t it be fun to take it a step further and see what the cast would look like if the costumes were updated to reflect the present fashion trends? We saved the best one for last. Take a look!

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