Reflections | EP 12 - Sami Yusuf & Ibrahim Kalin
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 Published On Nov 16, 2020

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It’s a pleasure to welcome Ibrahim Kalin to Reflections. Ibrahim Kalin currently serves as the presidential spokesperson and special adviser to the President of Turkey. He is a prolific writer, a renowned scholar of Islamic studies and comparative philosophy, and an accomplished musician. In this wide-ranging interview he shares his thought-provoking insights on metaphysics, music, and finding much-needed balance in our lives.

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About ‘Reflections’:

'Reflections' is a search for meaning and understanding through a series of dialogues between Sami Yusuf and some of the most remarkable minds today as they explore the ideas and values that are shaping our world. Leading creative thinkers bring their wisdom to topics ranging from culture, arts, spirituality, sciences, and much more, and discuss underlying trends and ideas in their full depth and subtlety.

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