V8 IS BACK!! Cayenne GTS Coupe + Lightweight Exhaust! Full Review
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 Published On Dec 10, 2020

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THE V8 IS BACK!! The Up-Sizing engine trend at Porsche thunders on, with the Cayenne returning to the V8 it was always known for. This is all after Dr Walliser of Porsche said, that the upcoming Euro 7 strict emission changes would force out low capacity engines with high output, causing the need to return to bigger displacements! Oh and, no one wanted the V6.

So what did the old car have? It was a 436 BHP twin turbo V6, with a 0-60 of 5 seconds; many journo’s said the front end was lighter so it was a good dynamic improvement, and it even had a smidge more power than the last V8… but they were really fooling themselves.

Now the GTS returns blasting out 454BHP from a hot-Vee set up V8 - lightly stressed version from the Cayenne Turbo. The 0-60 takes 4.2 seconds only, but it’s really the new options that set the car apart.

And our Cayenne Coupe GTS today is the fully loaded version, finished in Carmine Red - it also has the Lightweight package with Spyder wheels, carbon roof, houndstooth interior BUT most importantly the epic new Lightweight exhaust!! Wait till you hear this new dual cantered system in action! It’ll also be on Turbo soon - and it gives the car a completely different exhaust note!

The car gets Dynamic Chassis control, Porsche torque vectoring and everything tuned for GTS specifically: like the Air suspension, which is dropped 20MM in ride height.

How does it fare vs the Cayenne Turbo we drove recently? Does it feel too slow, and what of the rivals?

Today we explore:

- Old Cayenne GTS V6
- New Cayenne GTS V8 Coupe
- Lightweight exhaust sound - Start up and revs
- V8 Engine GTS
- Cayenne GTS internal changes
- Exterior walk around
- Interior
- Lightweight package
- Lightweight exhaust sound
- Driving review
- Conclusion

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