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 Published On Mar 06, 2021

This hard-hitting documentary reveals the abuse suffered by the gay community all over the world. France, despite having legalized gay marriage in 2013, has seen a rise in homophobic violence in recent years.

In Tunisia, gay people can be sentenced to three years in prison, simply for their sexual orientation. When arrested by the police, they are subject to an "anal examination," a humiliating procedure of no scientific value. Uganda is one of the 27 sub-Saharan countries in which homosexuality is suppressed, with active government encouragement of homophobia, and where homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment.

In the United States, more progressive laws have not translated into progressive attitudes. In a desperate attempt to change their sexual orientation, around 700,000 Americans have visited therapists who claim to be able to "transform any homosexual into a heterosexual."


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