2019 Mercedes-AMG CLS53 Review: Now with hybrid power
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 Published On Jul 04, 2019

The AMG CLS53 gets the new EQ Boost mild-hybrid system. Don't worry, you won't feel it working and you'll get an extra thrust of torque to boot. Read the full review of the 2019 Mercedes-AMG CLS53 - http://roadshow.co/m2xpe2

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The modern "four-door coupe" styling trend can most accurately be attributed to the original Mercedes CLS. And while I'm still going to call it a sedan -- because it is -- that coupe-like rakishness is perhaps in its best form on this 2019 model. Everyone compliments the original CLS for its incredible design, but to my eyes, this new model is the best-looking version to date.

The 2019 CLS introduces Mercedes' new mild hybrid powertrain to US customers -- it launched in Europe last year on the S-Class. A new 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine forms the basis for this powerplant, with the addition of Mercedes' new EQ Boost system, comprised of a 48-volt battery that acts as a starter-alternator. In addition to supplying power for the car's auxiliary electronics, EQ Boost has two primary functions: offering supplemental torque to reduce turbo lag, and allowing the engine to disconnect from the transmission while coasting at speed.

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