Testing progesterone at home: MFB Proov test.
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 Published On Nov 08, 2018

Progesterone levels are very important when you are trying to conceive as low levels can be a reason for early miscarriages or unsuccessful implantation.
Usually progesterone is tested with a blood draw on cycle day 21. However, that is first of all not always the right timing (if you ovulated early or late then the results will be off) and you have to make an appointment through your doctor for it.

MFB fertility has however now come with the Proov test (former Ovulation Double Check test) which let’s you test whether progesterone is high enough after ovulation to hold onto a pregnancy. This way it can also confirm ovulation for you. The best part is that you can do it at home with a simple urine dipstick that picks up on progesterone metabolite PDG.

In this video I review the MFB Proov test and explain how it works, how your cycle and hormone levels relate to this progesterone test, how to use this urine test, and how to interpret the test results together with your fertility chart.

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Why progesterone is important when you are trying to conceive
What are normal progesterone levels
How to use the Proov test
How to interpret the Proov test together with your chart

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