GIANT Lego Sword and Shield! - Prop Making Tutorial
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 Published On Feb 04, 2019

Lego Minifig sword and shield... for humans! There's something about taking a tiny prop and scaling up the size to fit in your hand. It's the best! Bill used wood and plastic to carve and sand a Lego Castle Knight's sword and shield.

Lego Sword and Shield Templates

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Building Materials

PVC Pipe Fittings - 1 1/2"

Poplar Wood - 1" x 6"

MDF Sheet - 1/2" thick - two 2' x 2' sheets

PVC Foam (Sintra) - Amazon

Hand Tools

PVC Pipe Cutter - Amazon

Lathe Chisels - Amazon

Hobby Knife - Amazon

Hobby Knife Saw Blade - Amazon

Snap Off Knife - Amazon

Bamboo Skewers - Amazon

Bear Saw - Amazon

Block Plane - Amazon

123 Blocks - Amazon

Countersink Bit - Amazon

Large Binder Clips - Amazon


PVC Cement - Local Hardware Store

Super Glue - Amazon

Super Glue Accelerator - Amazon

Epoxy - Super Instant - Smooth-On

Double Stick Tape - Amazon

Wood Glue - Amazon

Power Tools

Band Saw - Amazon

Chop Saw - Miter Saw - Amazon

Wood Lathe - Amazon

Power Drill - Amazon

Bench Grinder - Amazon

Belt Disc Sander - Amazon

Hand Belt Sander - Amazon

Small Belt Sander - Amazon

Shop-Vac Vacuum - Amazon

Jig Saw - Amazon

Drill Press - Amazon

Rotary Tool - Amazon

Resin Casting

Smooth Cast 300

SO-Strong Tint

Tri-Corner Mixing Cup - Amazon

Pressure Pot

Measuring Tools

Calipers - Amazon

Circle Template - Amazon

Center Finder - Amazon

Metal Ruler - Amazon

Transparent Ruler - Amazon

Compass - Amazon
Filling and Sanding

Evercoat Body Filler - Amazon

Spot Putty - Amazon

Hand File - Amazon

Needle Files - Amazon

Sandpaper - Amazon
100 Grit
220 Grit (normal)
220 Grit (flexible)

Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pad - Amazon

Sanding Block - Amazon

Shinto File - Amazon

Safety Gear

Safety Glasses - Amazon

Hearing Protection - Amazon

Dust Mask - Amazon

Respirator - Amazon

Respirator Filters - Amazon

Face Shield - Amazon

Masking and Painting

Painters Tape 2" - Amazon

Frog Tape - Amazon

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Gray Primer - Amazon

Painter's Pyramid Stands - Amazon

Airbrush - Amazon

Hair Dryer - Amazon

Tamiya Gunmetal, White, Red and Gold - Amazon
Spray Adhesive - Krylon Easy Tack - Amazon

Paint Pen - Water Based Sharpie - Amazon

Tack Cloth - Amazon

Spray Max 2K Clear Coat Semi Matte - Amazon

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