The REAL BMW M-Town! Mr.AMG Invades in the New M3 Competition!
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 Published On Dec 03, 2020

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Mr AMG invades enemy territory in the new #mtown TV Spot!! It’s been a long time coming, with a tonne of attacks on Instagram instigated by me, haha. I’ve finally made it to #M_Town in #TheM3: See the full official video here:

BMW M created a fictional place for petrolheads to below, it’s the place where “too much is just right” aka – M Town. It’s built around everything that high performance car fans are loving the most, it’s all comical, and a genius way of building loyalty to the brand!

There's 18 models from the BMW M2 CS to the BMW M8, and even a special appearance by the M3 Touring with CEO Markus Flasch!! Theres a tonne of cool heritage and classic M cars to see in the video too, including the E30 M3, M3 Pick up, M3 and M4 GTS and many more!

You’ll also see the first ever teaser and DATE clue for a BMW M EV Electric car, look out for the clue on the M3 Pick up!

Today I’ll explore the real M Town and show you:

- History of Mr AMG (rokenr) vs M-Town on Instagram!
- The New M3 Competition in Frozen Grey
- Inside the new M3 with carbon seats
- New M5 LCI in matte black
- E30 M3 and heritage cars
- The M3 Pick up!
- BMW M EV teaser
- Visiting the Real BMW M Town
- Teaser of M3 Touring with M CEO
- The Drop - New M Performance Alloy Wheels for the M3 And M4

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