Waymo Self Driving Taxi Fumbles In Construction Zone, Blocks Traffic | JJRicks Rides With Waymo #54
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 Published On May 12, 2021

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A special thank you to Danny Harmon from @Distant Signal for the voiceover segment. Check him out if you need voice work done!

00:00 Ride start/parking lot
01:10 Unprotected right
02:40 Unprotected left
03:20 Right lane change
04:24 Unprotected right
05:56 Right turn detour
06:34 Four way stop
07:33 Unprotected left
09:05 Right lane change
09:47 Fatal mistake
10:11 Unprotected left
11:01 Important explanation, please watch
11:32 Waymo's official statement
12:22 Beginning of car getting stuck
13:22 Roadside assistance called
13:32 Rider support call
16:47 Car makes the turn, but gets stuck again and starts blocking the road
20:05 Roadside assistance makes an appearance
20:08 Asking the real questions (is roadside assistance always following me?)
20:53 Car reverses from stuck spot, but gets stuck again and blocks the entire lane
21:29 Roadside assistance called again
21:39 Construction folks take the cone away
23:01 Construction guy directing traffic
23:23 Talking to construction guy
23:46 Car runs away from roadside assistance
24:35 Car gets stuck again
25:21 Roadside assistance called again
25:50 Roadside assistance finally arrives
26:25 Car runs away again
27:39 Doors unlocked, car finally stopped for good
28:24 App screenshot
28:50 Roadside assistance team member boards the vehicle
29:14 Disengagement
30:51 Trip continues in manual
32:01 Sorry roadside assistance guy!
32:51 Asking the real questions again (is roadside assistance always following me?)
33:45 Oh joy, now announcements cover up *even more* of the screen

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