The Slave Circle Extra Takes - Alex (Former Account Manager)
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 Published On Mar 12, 2020

Former Smart Circle account manager Alex shares stories of working out of Pennsylvania, and with Smart Circle henchmen Kurtis Spahr and Bill Bishop.

00:02:02 - Selling DirecTV in Sam's Club, Walmart, and Best Buy
00:05:53 - "It robs you of who you are."
00:08:08 - "I can live comfortably" - It's Definitely a Pitch.
00:11:01 - Kurtis Spahr: Mythological Maverick of Smart Circle
00:15:23 - The Infamous Travels of Kurtis Spahr (Promoting "Up" Instead of "Out")
00:18:15 - "That was the first time I misled someone intentionally"
00:20:37 - Denying Reality of the DirecTV Market
00:25:17 - Precautions to Protect Yourself from Smart Circle, Credico & Cydcor
00:28:52 - Trying to Open an Office through Bill Bishop

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